Joseph was appointed as the overseer of the house of the captain of the Guard in Egypt when he was 17. (Genesis 39:5). David was just a boy when he was anointed by Samuel to be the next King of Israel and when he defeated Goliath (1 Samuel 116:12-13 and 17:42). Mary of Nazareth was a young virgin, handpicked by God to carry the Saviour, Jesus Christ to birth. (Luke 1:26-33) 

Some of the greatest heroes in the Bible  were in the throws of their youth, when God began to work in and with them. The baton passed on to this generation is one intended to ignite the fire in them to not just serve God, but to serve God with boldness, pushing back enemy lines with the power of God that lives in them.  The youth are the arrow in Gods quiver, strategically drawn by him and strung in His bow to hit the target.

Youth With Direction endeavours to provide the youth in Christ with platforms to exercise their calling from God by:

  • Provide them with familiar platforms to preach the gospel.
  • Generating joint corporate praise and worship initiatives  in collaboration with churches, to draw young people into the  purest form of praising the Lord.
  • Engaging young people in community outreach through various social justice organisations and churches, thereby enabling them to emulate the serving heart of Jesus Christ