Women with Wings was birthed out of a vision from God to empower and elevate the lives of young girls in the poorest of poor communities. Our mentorship initiatives nurture these young changemakers, under the wings of mentors who are established in their respective industries, trades and professions. Women with Wings is founded on three core principles:

EMPOWER:  Empowering young girls through skills transfer and  education.

UPLIFT:  Raising empowered young girls by supporting them to  find their earning feet through mentorship and guidance

ELEVATE:  To release empowered and uplifted young girls to fly with their newfound skills so that they can become leaders in their own spaces, who eventually pass it forward to develop young girls behind them.

Women have a mandate to be each other’s lighthouses. Strong, secure women uplift and empower each other. This includes actively supporting and verbally sponsoring each other. When women lose sight of this, they lose sight of the reality that ‘she is you’. We recognise:

  • that it is more  difficult for women to earn a seat at the table, more so when  are mothers and wives having to balance many scales to perfection, and deal with the resultant guilt of neglecting any of these areas.
  • That as objective, put together and professional women may appear, many are  struggling with depression, self-inflicted oppression, gender-based violence in its various forms and frustration

Women with Wings endeavours to develop and  empower women in leadership, professions, trades and businesses to strip down to their most authentic self, through networked support  communities and  empowerment  programs.

Who is the ideal mentor?

Mentors are those whose heart for uplifting the destitute, vulnerable and downtrodden drives them to pursue this mandate with the heart of God. They are an exemplar of humanity. The initiative empowers mentors to earn their wings by tangibly EMPOWERING, UPLIFTING and ELEVATING the lives of girls that follow them. In doing so, the ripple effect leads to mentors empowering, uplifting and elevating families, communities and society at large.

Earn your Wings?

Women with Wings have an opportunity to earn their wings for impacting the lives of their mentees in the following categories:

  • Nightingales  –   Awarded to mentor who have Empowered, Uplifted and Elevated the lives of 5-10 mentees.
  • Hawks –  Awarded to  mentors who have Empowered, Uplifted and Elevated the loves of  25- 50 mentees.
  • Eagles – Awarded to mentors  who have Empowered, Uplifted and Elevated the lives of 51-100 mentees.
  • Condors–  Awarded to mentors who have Empowered, Uplifted and Elevated the lives of 101-200 mentees.
  • Angel Wings – Awarded to mentors who have empowered, Uplifted and Elevated the lives of over 200 mentees.
  • Phoenix Rising –  A special award awarded to mentees who have risen above their circumstances, supported by the mentorship program AND TO mentors who have risen above their masks and circumstances in embracing their authenticity.