When God’s Angels Appear: Part 2

Testimonies of Faith with Pastor Mervin: When Gods angels appear: Part 2
by Neetu Chetty feat Pastor Mervin


I am always reminded that God is present when I read Pastor Mervin’s testimonies.  I am reminded that God is a supernatural God, expecting us to live a supernatural life in a natural world. 

When we give God access to our lives and pursue Him relentlessly in and with sincerity, the way that Pastor Mervin does, we will (not could or may) experience the impossible, unexplained and miraculous in our lives and interactions with others. 

The testimony below echoes God’s eternal selfless love for us, in the many times that he commanded, those that are nearest to Him, powerful glorifiers of God, who encircle His throne ( Revelation 5: 11-12), to intervene for and  protect us, and guard and guide us (Exodus 23:20, Psalm 103:19-22, Psalm 91: 11-12). Pastor Mervin’s testimony of faith below shows us that God is the same yesterday, today and every day that follows.

His love is never changing, never failing (Deut 10: 14-15), and He is an ever-present help in times of need.  (Psalm 46:1)

 “The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them.”  (Psalm 34:7)

In 2008 in Camberley, England, a Christian family opened their home to me, for a prayer meeting. Two of the family members were on missions abroad. As I was leading the group into worship the atmosphere in the living room changed. Oh, how I felt the mighty glorious presence of God in the room.

The surroundings appeared much brighter to me as we worshipped the Lord. At that very moment, a lovely Christian sister by the name of Jane, conveyed that she had seen a glorious light all around the room, which she could not explain. It was like the presence of angels. This experience at occurred at approximately 10:00AM.

When we returned home, my wife shared with me, that she had seen an angel in that home, looking upon us, from above, as we prayed. She had initially questioned what she saw as she was astounded. She then enquired of the angel, “Why are you here?”.  The angel replied, “To protect this family.” My wife then continued worshipping the Lord and could not reason as to why the angel was there to protect the family, which did not appear to be in danger.  

Not long after that we had  received a telephone call from the father of the home, informing us  that he had just received a telephone call from his wife, and daughter who were on missions in Kyrgyzstan at the time. A tornado had descended upon the very area where his wife and daughter were situated. They had run with the rest of the group to find shelter in a nearby church where they saw the tornado pass by.

They were safe and no harm had come to them. The man was overwhelmed with God’s faithfulness because the incident took place at the exact time of the prayer meeting in his home. Hallelujah, God is our protector!

His plans for us are too wonderful to imagine! Praise God for these wonderful experiences of the miraculous. Let us believe His living word that He is our protector.’ 

Has God dispatched His angels to intervene and protect, and guide and guard you?  Share your testimony with us. Send us your 10 minute impact video, or write up to info@faithwalkers.co.za

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