Unleashing your miracle with Praise and Worship

Testimonies of Faith with Pastor Mervin
Unleashing your miracle with Praise and Worship
by Neetu Chetty feat Pastor Mervin

When Paul and Silas were falsely accused, beat up, and thrown into an inner cell (prison) with their legs bound in stocks, they chose to praise and worship God in the midnight hour.  Did they find a reason to feel miserable and throw in the towel? No! They chose to praise and worship God. They lifted the name of God and glorified Him in that inner prison cell, as the other prisoners listened.  Their praise and worship were powered by their faith in God, knowing that He is able, changing the atmosphere, opening the Heavens for God to manifest miracles. Their praise was laced with their faith.  Their faith was the fuel for their praise.  God came through for them.  He caused an earthquake that swung open their prison gates. The miracle that manifested, not only unshackled them, but other prisoners as well.  Such is the ripple effect of the presence of God when faith levels are unshaking and steadfast.    Acts 16: 16-40 has many teachings for us to learn from.  What stood out for me, is that the power of faithful praise and worship invites God to perform beyond our mind’s comprehension or secular expectations, in meeting our needs, more than needed.

Worship the LORD your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you…” (Exodus 23:25)

In 2015, I was blessed to visit my country of birth- beautiful South Africa. So, my wife and my two daughters were thrilled to visit our dear family and friends whom we had missed very much.  Whilst in South Africa, I drove with my family from Johannesburg to Durban. An hour into the much awaited eight-hour car trip, I developed an excruciating pain on the right side of my body.  

Fear gripped me so I thought it would be best to turn the vehicle round at the next junction and go back to Johannesburg. I did not tell my wife about the pain as she was busy entertaining our boisterous little six-year-old in the back seat.  I did not want to disappoint her as she was looking forward to seeing my mother in law whom she had not seen for two years. Also, as she is a health professional, experience has taught me that I would go through a barrage of questions about my symptoms and a potential diagnosis which was not what I had planned for our holiday. 

The pain intensified. Unknowingly my wife began to lead us in praise and worship, in the hope that the singing and worship will quieten our daughter to sleep. Suddenly, as we were worshipping my wife exclaimed that she could see an angel sitting beside me in the car. I was surprised by what she had said, as she did not know about the pain I was experiencing.

I decided to meditate on what she had said. I said to the Lord “You are here with us, please heal me.” Glory to God I was healed immediately.

In our time of pain and sadness, when we feel that we cannot go on, remember that it is in the dark place that our loving Lord will visit us. As we worship our Lord, He will release His angels to protect us and shine His light in our darkest places.

How has God released you and liberated you from the dark places of the things that have tried to imprison you?  How has He healed you?   Share your testimony with us. Send us your 10 minute impact video, or write up to info@faithwalkers.co.za

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