Holy Spirit Knows Best

Testimonies of Faith with Pastor Mervin
Holy Spirit know best
by Neetu Chetty feat Pastor Mervin


I absolutely love learning about the testimonies of faith, that Pastor Mervin and His family experience in their lives. They are living a life of supernatural miracles because they are so intensely faithful to and plugged in to the Lord, and obedient to the Holy Spirit. I often imagine the Holy Spirit and the presence of God  as a  calm, beautiful, shimmering large lake, with the softest water (if that makes sense!), that I just want to dive into and swim deeply into. I often imagine the love that I feel when the water envelopes me and ‘cuddles’ me, in its embrace and the immense joy  and love that overflows in my spirit as I get saturated and immersed in the presence of the most High God, which also is the Holy Spirit. Oh Lord! You are so beautiful in every way. You are so loving! Where would we be without you? I just love you so much!

 Reflect on this for a moment: The Holy Spirit that was present at the time that God laid the foundations of the earth (Genesis 1: 1-2), the Holy Spirit by whom our Lord and Saviour was conceived  (Mathew 1:18), the Holy Spirit that walked with Jesus Christ every day of His life on earth (Luke 3:22), is the same Holy Spirit that dwells in you and I (Romans 8:11). [1]

 He is with us every single day of our lives, guiding us, prompting us, comforting us, strengthening us, advocating for us, counselling us. He often uses us to deliver a message to someone in need, carry out a task that we may not understand, yet the reason for it manifests later, when all things align.

Gosh, He was prompted me on more than one occasion to do something that made me squeamish inside. I’ve learned that it is  best to just do it, because He will just continue to nudge you and remind you of what you need to do, until it is done, even if you feel unworthy to do it.  He would prompt me to chat to a stranger, about Jesus Christ, just so that I could ask them if I could pray with them and speak into their lives, what was being revealed to me. He would place me in positions, I never thought possible for someone like me and give me influence. He has taken me on trips by supernaturally orchestrating open doors for me to present at conferences overseas and nationally. Each time I would travel to these events, unbeknown to the people around me, I would ask myself, ‘What on earth am I doing here???’. But God would qualify me for the things that I felt unqualified, and the Holy Spirit would activate, every time that I stood in front of an audience and spoke. I always walked away thinking, ‘What just happened? How did I do that? Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Holy Spirit!’ My flesh would question the intellectual sensibility of some of the things that He would prompt me to do and say (often out of my comfort zone, might I add!), but He was and is spot on, every time. I am glad to say that I no longer lean on intellectual sensibility when He prompts me to do something out of my comfort zone. Instead, I just get on with it, knowing that God is with me, and whatever will be is what God intended. He opens our spiritual eyes and gives us the revelation of not only the Word of God but of things that are often in plain sight. You need to understand Him and spend time with Him to know His voice. 

The testimony below, really resonated with me on this level, as I am sure it would with you.  When we are called to fulfil a mandate on behalf of God, as moved by the Holy Spirit, it could be an answer to prayers, for someone who desperately needs it.

The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.” (John 3:8)

In 2014 in England during my wife’s quite time with the Lord, the wonderful Holy Spirit told her to take a specific Bible promise card to a certain lady whom she did not know. The lady was to be found seated in the front of Frimley Park Hospital next to reception and wearing a specific blue coloured jumper.

She listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit and went to the hospital with the promise card from the Bible. But being human, the flesh began to bring anxious thoughts to her mind. She thought, ‘What if the lady is not there? What if she is making a mistake?’. These thoughts of uncertainty were accompanied by several other “what if’s”. It was a real wrestle, discerning whether this was of God.

When my wife arrived at the hospital entrance, she was in awe of God. There was a woman sitting there with the specified light blue coloured jumper. She quietly approached the woman and shared her experience with her.  My wife handed the woman the specified Bible promise card that the Holy Spirit had asked her to deliver. After the woman read the scripture she began to cry and felt encouraged by the message which she had needed at that time.

God knows you by name and knows what you are going through!

“You know my sitting down and my rising up; You understand my thought afar off. You comprehend my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways.” Psalms 139:2-3

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[1] Albig K  Do You Understand How Significant Pentecost is at https://activechristianity.org/understand-significant-pentecost [Accessed 8 June 2020)

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