Healed by Faith, and Heavenly Experiences

Testimonies of Faith with Pastor Mervin
Healed by faith, and Heavenly experiences
by Neetu Chetty feat Pastor Mervin and Ishara

When the Holy Spirit started prompting me, with urgency,  from June 2019, to launch #Faithwalkers and to provide a platform for ministry for all who need it, in an online space, I did not understand why He was so persistent, until the world was hit with the revelation and the magnitude of the  Covid-19, in December of 2019, in China.  As it spread from country to country, each one initiated a lockdown in the interests of containing the virus. Our new ‘normal’ became something foreign to us. God prompted the launch of #Faithwallkers during level 1 of the lockdown in South Africa, on 25 April 2020. I did not argue. I just obeyed and launched it, not knowing what God had planned, but instead, having my steps directed, knowing that God was taking this mandate to the destination that He had intended and still intends. ‘Get out of the boat and walk on water’, He said. So, I did. The COVID -19 has left people with much uncertainty. World economies are affected. Whilst some political leaders make wise and God lead decisions, others have been reckless and careless. The true nature of people manifests in a crisis. There are those who stand in their faith in the face of this pandemic, and those who resort to barbarity. Nurses, clinicians, and other first line responders have borne the brunt of COVID -19 and have risked their lives in the interests of preserving the lives of their patients and serving humanity. We honour them for their sacrifice.

The testimony below, is one of a God-fearing clinician in the United Kingdom, Ishara Pillay, who was infected by the Covid -19. Her testimony is one immersed in her faith in God, during one of the toughest battles of her life and her subsequent healing after a Heavenly experience.

‘I realise the greatest thing we can do is to worship Him with our mouths.’ (Ishara Pillay)

I trust it will encourage you and strengthen you in your faith. The greatest joy for me is to share the awesome love of our Lord. All the glory to my Lord Jesus for remembering me.

In January 2020 I felt led to fast and pray for a few weeks. In the last week of my fast the Holy Spirit said to me “You will get very ill, but you will recover.” At first my flesh did not appreciate this warning. A few weeks later at the end of January 2020,

I developed a horrible dry cough. Not long after that I developed signs of fatigue, lethargy, and loss of smell, accompanied by a nasty sinus inflammation. Initially I thought, ‘well it’s a cold and I will get over it’. Unfortunately, it was not the case. Working in the UK, in the National Health Service (NHS) and with it being the winter months, the skills and knowledge that the Lord had given me was already under demand at the time. Not surprisingly, when I fell ill whilst examining one of my patients, I had to accept the fact that I was unwell and could no longer provide the care for  my patient to the level  that they  needed at the time. I had to take time off work. At this stage nobody knew much about the Covid 19 as it was new at the time. In the UK, clinicians like me were not prepared for it!

I was so ill that on some days, I just stayed in bed.  I remember the worst experiences being the sinusitis and the hacking cough! I had never had sinusitis in the past, so all of this was new to me. My greatest disappointment was when I could not or struggled to worship the Lord. Every morning I would try to vocalise my worship and prayer, but this made my cough worse. My desire to heal quickly seemed to be further away than I had anticipated. I was referred to my General Practitioner (GP, )for  treatment for, my sinuses and  as the Covid 19 was still new in February 2020,  I had requested from my GP a specific drug which is not  used conventionally prescribed   to treat sinusitis.  I later found out that drug that I had requested was one of the drugs used to treat the Covid 19. Although the GP granted my request, the medication did not cure me. All that it did was dull the symptoms. The hacking cough, shortness of breath and lethargy persisted relentlessly.  My faith was certainly tested during this time. It was extremely hard to hold onto my faith amidst my desperation. My blood results suggested that I needed more medication. I meditated on the word of God during those dark days and it comforted me. As Pastor Mervin, my husband, continued to pray for me, it strengthened my faith.

One night, with the state of my health quite exacerbated, I drifted off into a deep sleep and found myself stumbling into an unknown place. In this place I saw the brightest purest white light  with which the rays of the sun cannot compare.

Surrounding this pure, white, and bright light were the colours of the most beautiful flowers. These are colours that I have never seen. on earth. As I tried to reason with my intellect, as to where I was and where this place was, the realisation dawned on me, as to my destination.  I said to myself, ‘This is Heaven’. I could not go further in this dream and awoke. After this dream I got stronger and stronger and better. The Lord healed me. I believe He healed me for a purpose, and it will surely come to pass

‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.’  Psalm150: 6)

Do you need prayer?  Contact us. How has God released you and liberated you from the dark places of the things that have tried to imprison you?  How has He healed you?   Share your testimony with us. Send us your 10 minute impact video, or write up to info@faithwalkers.co.za

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