When #Faithwalkers rise

By Neetu Chetty, 
Founder, #Faithwalkers



I was praying in the ruins of the synagogue in Capernaum Israel, where Lord Jesus preached, close to disciple Peters house. 

I was so overwhelmed with the presence of God, that I felt like the spirit in me was literally going to burst out of my body into the supernatural realm. SUPERNATURAL.

That was what I experienced in that moment in time, that changed everything that I thought I knew about life. To stand where Jesus stood. To pray where He preached. I could not contain the presence of the Holy Spirit in and around me. I prayed between those tall columns, indifferent to the tourists around me, obedient to the prompting of The Holy Spirit.

Suddenly I heard a voice whisper into me, “Call Ken over and lay hands on him”.  Ken is my husband and the love of my life of 23 years. I called him over and he quickly joined me between those columns. I lay my right hand on his head and continued in fervent prayer, as Ken openly received.  As I prayed, I felt the most indescribable, beautiful, peaceful, joyful, loving presence to the right of me, between those columns.  It has the kind of feeling that is best described as when you return home into you Fathers’ arms, after a tough day at school and you feel so safe and protected.

 It was as if Ken and I were physically there…but in an alternate realm of existence.  We were caught in a moment in time, where I was closer to the Lord, than I have ever been in my life.  I felt the heat of my tears, stream down my cheeks, as I continued to pray under the burning Capernaum sun.  I continued to pray….when suddenly- behold, I saw the Lord step towards Ken and I, between those columns, adorned in the most brilliant white robes, with a brilliant white tallit draped over His head, as He placed His hands on Kens, and my head. I continued to pray because I did not want to lose this moment.

My soul leapt like a tornado beyond control within me.  He smiled so beautifully as He laid His hands on our heads…I will never forget His beautiful smile.

I remember wanting to stay right there, in that moment with Him for eternity, under his hands…not letting Him go….and I have not.  I left Capernaum, and Galilee a different person that day.

I am such a sinner. I am a flawed, imperfect human being who messes up like anyone else. The good news is that we are saved by a sacrifice of unconditional, love demonstrated on the cross on Calvary. Knowing who He is in me, and me in Him, gives me the strength to walk in blind faith, no matter what the circumstances may be, what people may say or think that they know about me,  knowing that God will come through.  That moment in the synagogue in Capernaum, and my blind faith, has led to God birthing #Faithwalkers.  I cannot take credit for the blueprint that He laid out in me, and continues to do, up to this very write up. This is His Blog. This is His website.  The social media handles are His, and every success of #Faithwalkers, both present and future are His. He ordered it.  He will provide for it.

God wants to raise the youth to meet their calling through Youth with Direction, and #Faithwalkers, intends to use God’s and NOT man’s recipe to meet this mandate.  God wants to raise a generation who understands the power of God in them, to preach the Gospel and spiritually build His people up, through their testimonies.  This is his purpose of ‘Agape Moments’.  God wants to raise the lives of the destitute. This is His purpose with ‘Women with Wings’. Every portal is his concept. 

My purpose with #Faithewalkers is to place Gods people where they are supposed to be.  In the coming weeks you can look forward to ‘Testimonies of Faith ‘with Pastor Mervin (UK).  You can also look forward to The Agape Series, which God has recently raised out of the blueprint, where special guests will share impactful teachings on the Word of God. This platform is FOR THE BODY OF CHRIST ACROSS THE GLOBE, to support churches, to break down the walls that divide us, and to cause the body of Christ to shine brighter than it ever has. You are also welcome to send us a Word of God that God has deposited in you, to share in our posts.

I have already stepped out of the boat and am walking on water, letting God direct my steps each day.  He has supernaturally brought in an amazing team to support His vision. There is no turning back.  We invite you, children of God and fellow #Faithwalkers, to walk with us as we follow Him, trusting only Him.

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