When God’s angels appear: Part 1

Testimonies of Faith with Pastor Mervin: When God’s angels appear: Part 1
by Neetu Chetty feat Pastor Mervin


Now I cannot take credit for the testimony that is to follow and those that will follow hereafter. It is narrated in the words of the finest and most authentic exemplars of humility in Christ that I have ever encountered in my life- Pastor Mervin.

I would never forget the first time that I laid eyes on him in Tel Aviv Airport in June 2015.  I remember thinking to myself, ‘He looks like a boy. Surely this could not be the Pastor Mervin who flew in from the United Kingdom, to meet our tour group.  He looks like a kid!’  As it turned out, during a conversation over falafels about 40 minutes later, I was floored, when I soon discovered that he was 50 years of age! 

God really taught me a valuable lesson about the shallowness of perception and perspective. Over that trip, my husband Ken and I found ourselves connected to a man of God, who resonates a genuine, deep and intense yearning and connection to God.  He is discerning and introspective. 

Not boastful and loud. Wise and pure of heart. Authentic and humane. His loudness is in his quietness, and in his quietness is the most plugged in and supernatural relationship with God that I have witnessed in my life.

We have remained connected ever since.  About three weeks ago, or so, I received testimony from him via WhatsApp of one of his many encounters with God’s grace and faithfulness. I was so encouraged by it that I spurred him on to share more, because they were a reminder that, whatever your situation may be, always keep your eyes on God, and expect MIRACLES! I mean, that is what being a #Faithwwalker is all about! I realised that the magnitude of these testimonies needed to be shared with the world.

So many people who have lost their way, are discouraged, who think that God has abandoned them, who feel hopeless and lost, need the encouragement and faith boosting, that come from reading these testimonies. So, I convinced him to permit me to share his testimonies on this platform.  But of course, our amazing Father God in Heaven, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit had already ordained it in the promised land. 

It gives me great pleasure to give to you (on behalf of and in the words of amazing Abba God), Testimonies of Faith with Pastor Mervin. 

” For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways. “(Psalm 91:11)

 I was inspired to write down some of my personal experiences which I had during my walk with my Lord Jesus. This is not to exalt myself nor for selfish ambition but to testify of the goodness of God with the hope that it will strengthen and encourage you in your faith with the Lord. As I reflect on these experiences, I am humbled that the Lord would remember me a mortal man with so many short comings. God is truly faithful and He changeth not.

In November 1996 after doing my first missionary trip in India, I was excited and exhausted, but those feelings of joy did not last for long as I soon found out that I was stranded at Mumbai airport. A feeling of despair came over me as I was young, travelling alone and I did not know the native language. The family who I had planned to stay the night with did not come to the airport as my flight back to South Africa was the following day. So, after watching and waiting for their arrival, my tiredness got the better of me and I decided that I would have to sleep at the airport… But first- pray. Suddenly, I was surprised to find that as I was praying, a well-dressed man approached me. He assisted me by driving me and dropping me off at an exclusive hotel.

My memory takes me back to that hotel because it was the first and last time that I had slept on a waterbed. Surprisingly, the next morning, this well-dressed local gentleman was waiting in the hotel foyer to take me to the airport.   When we arrived at the airport, he kindly checked-in my luggage. Unfortunately, my luggage was thirty kilos over the permitted limit. I was a bit anxious because I was unsure as to how much of money, I was expected to pay for this.  Miraculously, I paid nothing for the excess weight as this gentleman took me past the security and waited with me until I boarded the plane. 

I was surprised and taken aback by his actions, moreso because HE NEVER SPOKE A WORD TO ME THROUGH OUR MEETING, NOR DURING OUR JOURNEY TO AND FROM THE AIRPORT. As I looked back to thank him for his act of kindness and care. He was no longer there. In a blink of an eye he was out of sight. Vanished.

I believe that the Lord protected me by sending His angel to help me. The lesson is:  No matter what your situation might be our God can send his angels to deliver you. Believe Him for the miraculous. 

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